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rice balls, ground veal with marinara

Grilled Peppers

with fresh mozzarella & anchovies

Eggplant Parmigiano

mozzarella, marinara, & basil

Antipasto Italiano

cured meats, cheeses, peppers, & olives

Snails with Artichokes

garlic, butter, & Pernod

Smoked Salmon

with capers, onions, & cream cheese


fritti with marinara


raw tenderloin thinly sliced, capers, onions, parmigiano, & citrus olive oil

Steak Alla Tartara

raw tenderloin, anchovies, egg, & mustard


with fresh tomatoes, basil, & pine nuts

Cannelloni alla Romana

filled with veal & beef, baked in marinara & bechamel

Tortellini alla Fiorentina

prosciutto, peas, mushrooms, cream, & parmigiano

Papperdelle alla Bolognese

wide noodles, with meat sauce & a touch of cream

Linguini with Clams

olive oil, white wine, & garlic

Risotto with Lobster

chopped tomatoes & spinach, with white wine


mixed greens, tomato, artichoke, & mozzarella


Roquefort, peppers, pancetta, & oranges


romaine, housemade dressing with croutons


tomato, fresh mozzarella, anchovies, onions, basil, & balsamic vinaigrette

Breast of Chicken Milanese

breaded & sauteed with spinach and mushrooms

Breast of Chicken Marsala

peppers, mushrooms, & fresh tomato

Fresh Salmon

with capers & dill cream sauce


lightly breaded & grilled with olive oil & capers

Veal Piccata

lemon, mushrooms, & capers

Veal Saltimbocca

prosciutto, mozzarella, white wine, & sage

Osso Bucco

slowly cooked in red wine & fresh vegetables with saffron risotto

Rack of Lamb

with fresh rosemary

Tenderloin Rossini & Lobster

filet with mushroom sauce & lobster tail

Provimi Veal Rib Chop

with porcini mushroom sauce

Please call for the current wine list.

All of our elixirs are crafted in house and aged to perfection in our wine cellar. Subject to availability.

Barrel aged Manhattan

Barrel aged Negroni

Sole Limoncello